Pineapple Cake

    by Piaca


    Pineapple Shortcrust Pastry

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    At Piaca we are all about things made and grown in Hawaii.

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    Made in Hawaii

    At Piaca we are all about things made and grown in Hawaii, using the Hawaiian pineapple straight from the north shore of Oahu we have created a pastry with the delicious pineapple filling.


    Our product not only brings you the sweet and wonderful aroma of the Hawaiian pineapple; we also put a lot of detail into our packaging. Incorporating fruits and flowers, map of the islands, also attractive color that resemble the pineapple.


    Because it’s sweetness and rich in flavors, we would only use world famous and Hawaii grown pineapple, so we can also support our local business. In the future we will be adding more Hawaiian fruit flavors which made with natural ingredients mainly found and well known here in Hawaii.


    Once you open up the box, you will be seeing the world famous Waikiki beach ocean view with Diamond Head and rainbow as our wrapping paper.


    Piaca is gladly to bring you both the taste and the view that represent Hawaii into one great package, a wonderful gift to bring home for you or friends and family.

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